Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sarah and Shannen's top book picks

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  My name is Sarah and I am a bibliomaniac. 

That’s right, I admit it.  I’m hopelessly, desperately addicted to books. Mostly it’s romances that eat my life, though I’ve been known to snap up other kinds of books just as recklessly. Gay, straight or ménage, contemporary, paranormal, science fiction, from vanilla to kink to “OMG, can they really say that in print?” I love them all. When I’m not reading books I’m shopping for books, or surfing the web looking at author websites or reviewer blogs, just in case some wonderful new book should come to my attention.  My addiction has been known to seriously get in the way of my own writing (not to mention my sadly neglected housework.)  No matter how sternly I tell myself that my time would be better spent writing and promoting my own books instead of reading someone else’s, the siren call of my Kindle still pulls me away and devours my brain, along with the shreds of my self-discipline.

I used to be open about my obsession, with paperback books scattered all over the house for my family to trip over, box up, and complain about.  The advent of e-books has allowed me to take it underground and my addiction now rages completely unchecked. I won’t go into exactly how many e-books I currently have on my reader but suffice it to say that my husband has no idea.  Only Amazon knows for sure.

Whether due to Nature or Nurture, I’ve managed to pass my obsession to at least one of my children.  Shannen is nearly as addicted to reading as I am, though at any given time her taste is a lot more eclectic and less focused than mine has been of late.  As hard as it is to choose from among our vast shared library, we’re offering up some of our favorites, in case you’d care to have a look.  I hope you come to love them as much as we do. Since I’m also a writer  forever in search of fans of my own, I’m going to help out my fellow authors by giving you  links to the author’s web page wherever I can find it, and to the book on Amazon if I can’t find an author site. Buy, read and enjoy.

Sarah’s top picks -in no particular order:

Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts and the other two Liam and Ondry books by Lyn Gala (the series doesn’t seem to have a name but I love all three books and I keep hoping for at least one more.)

Almost anything written by “Gangsta of Love” Sean Michael

Tell Me It’s Real – TJ Klune (rumor has it there’s a sequel in the works. I so hope that’s true.)

Anything and everything ever written by Mercedes Lackey

Shannen’s Favorites:
             Serpent's Shadow - Mercedes Lackey
           - I also love pretty much every single things she's ever written.

             - The seeds of inspiration for a tattoo I now have were planted by this book! When I                  love, I love hard. 

             - I laughed so hard I cried when I read this book. I stayed up all night reading it and                 woke up my partner laughing hysterically. 

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