Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Coming soon from Decadent Publishing! A Gifted/1NS story.

Unexpected Gifts



     Having paranormal Gifts in a world that fears what it doesn’t understand is tough. Luckily, Iris Kosta is tough too. She’s already lost her twin brother to Homeland Security's paranoia and greed; add in her job as a kickass security operative and it makes for a lonely life. Which is too bad, because Iris likes men – a lot. She makes do with plenty of dates and hook ups, convinced there’s no such thing as true love.

     Mike Connolly does believe in true love, and its name is Iris. Too bad she’ll never see him as anything but one of the boys. When he finally despairs of getting anything more than friendship from her, he reaches out to Madam Eve for help in finding a woman who can eclipse his obsession.

     Thanks to meddlesome relatives and Madam Eve’s talents, both Mike and Iris find themselves the recipients of some unexpected gifts. Let’s hope they can survive long enough to enjoy them.

 This novella from Decadent Publishing's  1Night Stand series features some of the same Gifted characters you met in Healer and Sweet Fire.  This time it's Cousin Iris's chance to find love and danger (and a sexy man.) Release date Tuesday, July 19th, 2016.


We'll be posting teasers and excerpts and giveaways throughout the month.  Watch this space for more.



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