Gifts of Fate

In our world, the existence of paranormal gifts is accepted; those who have them, not so much. The Gifted are often feared and hated by their neighbors and Homeland Security has a nasty habit of conscripting the Gifted for government “employment.” Funny how those so employed are mostly never seen again. Our series follows the members of a Gifted family from Eastern Washington wheat fields to New York City streets as they battle fear, bigotry, and government conspiracy and find love along the way.

We believe sexy has no gender and our series reflects that. Our Gifted series novels are m/f (Healer, Reader, Seeker and Speaker.) Gifts of Fate books are m/m (Sweet Fire, Heated Glory, Loving Sight.) For those who prefer to read one type or the other, the novels are written to stand alone, though the adventurous reader will enjoy reading them all and seeing familiar characters crossing over to the different books.

Sweet Fire

When his cousin Alex asks him to check up on her former partner, he is happy to help. After all, Ramon Del Rio is big, buff and beautiful and just might be that Happily-Ever-After Aaron has been looking for.  The last time Ramon had anything to do with a Gifted person, he spent 3 days at the tender mercies of Homeland Security. He’s glad to hear that his former paramedic team member is safe and well after escaping from HOMSEC -- but that’s enough. Mr. Superhot Pyro-kinetic can just go light someone else’s fire.

Aaron is nothing if not persistent, and he’s determined to convince Ramon to give him a chance. He is a pastry chef and after all the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach, right? Just when it seems that Ramon might be persuaded that having a psychic Gift like fire-starting isn’t a deal breaker, someone all too close to Aaron decides that fire needs to be put out, permanently. Can Ramon protect the man he’s falling hard for or will his fears keep them apart forever?

Status: Sweet Fire is available HERE! Check it out and if you like it, leave us a review!

Tentative title: Love in Color

Skylar Lincoln loves his little charges at Helping Hands Day Care, and they love him, too. His talent for reading auras comes in handy when working with kids, especially when one of his students has an aura that indicates trauma. When Skylar learns that something at Jake's mother’s house, he figures talking to the non-custodial father is a good place to start. Who would have guessed dear old dad would turn out to be so hot? Grant Houston is a demolition engineer, divorced and struggling to adapt to coming out and to shared custody of a 4 year old son. Grant feels lucky to have a professional to help him figure out his son’s puzzling behavior. The fact that he is attracted to the much younger man is an awkward complication.
Together Grant and Skylar struggle to figure out what is causing Jake’s nightmares and bizarre behavior. Unfortunately for all of them, someone else doesn’t want that secret out and is willing to do anything to preserve it. Will Grant be able to protect is new little family or will his own work be used to take everything away from him?

Status: Rough plot, character bios done and outline done, first draft 30% complete.

Tentative title: Touch of Sight

Elijah Houston has visions. His Gift of clairvoyance serves him well in his career as a youth therapist at an LGBT shelter, and he has everything he thinks he needs – if not everything he wants. But when Eli has a vision about falling in love with a new volunteer, his perfect life is turned inside out. Terrell doesn’t discriminate. Men or women, he loves them all (as often as possible) but he doesn’t do relationships. When Terrell’s pranks land him in hot water and has to volunteer at a shelter, he finds a lot more than penance for his sins.  Work at the shelter turns out to be a lot more exciting than Terrell expected. Gangsters, guns and Gifted kids in trouble are just not what he signed up for but his new boss is pretty hard to resist. Even a furious gang leader stalking their every move can’t stop the sparks between them. It’s a race to see if Eli can get through the mile-high barriers around Terrell’s heart before their new enemy gets to them.

Status: Detailed outline done, draft 20% complete, further work on hold.

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