Saturday, September 20, 2014

Updates, change, and lots of excitement

In the constantly changing literary world, your book isn't set in stone until it's being bought by the masses - and sometimes, not even then. We experienced a bit of this recently when one of our books underwent a (completely necessary) title change. The novel formerly known as "Fire and Water," contracted with Dreamspinner Press, will now be known as "Sweet Fire." It's sexier and won't compete with other works by the same name. In conclusion? Change is good, and that's the book you should search for when it comes out, probably sometime in January of 2015.

We also just received news that Healer may be available for pre-sale as soon as Monday. SQUEE! This is where shit gets real, right? This is where we as authors have to implore you to BUY OUR BOOK! Plug, plug, plug. I'll post the link as soon as we have a pre-sale page. Be on the lookout for that, and keep an eye out on this site as well - we'll be posting all our updates right here!

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