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  1. Hi Shannon and Sarah.
    Thanks so much for buying Unknown Protector. Hope you have great luck with sales.I am plodding along on book two at the moment. Anytime you want to feature on my blog again just ask. Maggie

  2. Hi Sarah and Shannon,
    WOW, impressive site.
    I was looking around for your books, having found them first on Cathryn Cade's blog...The amazon link there is buried under a "read more" link...and it doesn't go to an Author page. There's nothing organized on goodreads either. A "series/reading order" page, or at least the aforementioned Author page. It would help us readers to buy your books.

  3. Lemme ask you this:
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    Are homosexuals allowed in Seventh-Heaven?
    Yes! Of course! He made them!
    ...but, they must repent
    N turn from their sins!!
    God bless you.